Kala : A Multimedia Presentation on Time

Date: 14/12/2013
Time: 5:00 pm
Venue: IGNCA, New Delhi

Director: Bappa Ray
Duration: 27 minutes 19 seconds

The film documents an epoch making exhibition organized by IGNCA called “Kala” where one enters the state of timelineness that lies un-manifest. Then after blinking of the eyelid to the movement of the sun, the duration, sequence and movement of time are understood. The astrological linkage of time and notion about the space within the celestial bodies form another highlight of the “Kala” theme. The film documents the cosmic elements portrayed through concept of manifest, evolving from un-manifest to the level of paintings and portrayals. Alongside, it depicts duration of time in a day through the sundial. It also reflects upon various symbols of iconography and architecture and image and imagination of cosmic tree to understand the symbolizing the passage of time including Swastika. Thus the film in short highlights holistic vision of time and space starting its journey from un-manifestation state to its ever evolving manifestive dimensions within the content and context of time and space.