Rastrapati Bhawan
This is the ongoing project of Rastrapati Bhawan Library. Around 90 books have already been conserved.

Delhi Police

Conservation Division did the conservation of 52 files, documents and photographs related to the Delhi Police. All the files were digitized, conserved, and provided Archival boxes.

India International Centre

The division did preventive conservation of 4500 books of India International Centre, and classified them according to their condition. During this IGNCA team discovered a valuable collection of old photographs of Walter George. The documentation of Walter George collection was done by IGNCA conservationists. The collections were kept in acid free Archival boxes made in IGNCA’s conservation lab.

Walliullah Library

Conservation Division has completed the preventive conservation of 2000 books of Shah Walliullah Public Library which is located at Pharai Imli Masjid, Matia Mahal, Old Delhi. The following tasks were undertaken to conclude this project;

  1. Preventive Conservation and Segregation of the books
  2. Remedial Conservation
  3. Re-Organization of the collection