Accessing the Cultural Information & Knowledge Resources of Kala Nidhi

All the Cultural Information & Knowledge resources available at IGNCA can be accessed by any individual, Indian or foreign. Membership is open to all with special facilities for scholars and researchers on payment of a nominal fee. There are lower rates for students who are registered with Universities/Institutions of Higher Learning for their Ph.D. or M.Phil programmes. However, they need to get their applications sponsored by their institutions.


Membership shall be granted on applying on the prescribed form available from the reference library and also available at IGNCA website. Membership cannot be claimed as right. Competent Authority at IGNCA has the discretionary power to grant membership to any person(s).

Membership shall be of following categories.

  • One week – free of charge
  • Rs. 100/- per month
  • Annual-students-250/- per annum with renewal at Rs. 150/- per annum;
  • Others – Rs. 500/- p.a. with renewal of Rs. 300/- p.a.
  • Lifetime-Onetime payment of Rs. 5,000/-

Membership fee rates are to be notified from time to time as per the instructions/orders of the Competent Authority. The payment is to be made In favor of IGNCA, New Delhi, Payble at New Delhi by DD / Pay Order / Cheques / Cash at IGNCA Account.


Working Hours
The reference library shall remain open to its members from 9.00 am to 5.30 p.m., six days a week (Monday to Saturday), except on gazetted holidays. However, resources held by the Divisions of IGNCA other than the reference library will be available for consultation only between 9.00 am and 5.30 pm on week days (i.e. Monday to Friday)


Members shall be allowed to refer to any of the resources in the library, and other units of Kala Nidhi

Photocopying(black & white as well as colour) facility shall be available on payment basis (to be notified from time to time) as per the provisions of the Copyright Act with special permission of the Librarian/Incharge.

Members shall have the facility to get print copies of microfilm/microfiche after obtaining permission from the Librarian/Incharge on payment basis (to be notified from time to time) under provisions of the Copyright Act/ restrictions placed in it.

Microfilm/Microfiche readers have been provided for use of the members.

Material from other libraries may be obtained on Inter-Library Loan basis, if possible.

Members shall also be allowed to use computer terminals for accessing library information and other databases. They can also bring their own laptops for use in the library.


Care of material

Members should not mutilate/damage the material provided to them for consultation. They also should not mark the material or fold it at any place. At any time, if it is found that the material has been mutilated/damaged by a member, his/her membership shall be cancelled immediately and he/she shall be held responsible for compensating the losses.


Personal belongings

Except for writing material and a laptop, nothing shall be allowed to be taken into the library. Such non-permissible items have to be deposited/kept at the Property Counter.


Loss of Identity Card/Reader’s Ticket

Members are responsible for the proper upkeep/security of their Identity Card/Reader Ticket(s) and whatever is issued to them on it.

In the event of loss of Identity Card/Reader’s Ticket a duplicate Identity Card/Reader’s Ticket may be issued to the member on payment of Rs. 50/- in cash to the IGNCA on the specific note of the Librarian/Incharge. However, members themselves are responsible for any misuse of the originally issued Identity Card/Reader’s Ticket even after a duplicate has been issued to them.


How to Access Visuals

  1. Focus of the Slide collection is on the Indian Art collection housed in institutions abroad. Apart from that there are visuals sourced from Art Galleries and Museums in India.
  2. The catalogued data related to visuals are available in Libsys database (software).
  3. The preliminary information & printed catalogued data can be accessed through Libsys database as well as catalogue available in the Slide Library.
  4. The resource person available in the Slide Library can further assist in answering the subject queries of the scholars in the fields of art, architecture, sculpture, landscape etc.
  5. The requisition for viewing the visuals has to be forwarded through HOD(KN). For viewing the visuals, requisition should be submitted five days in advance.
  6. Some visual collections are subject to copyright rules which require prior permission for duplication from the parent organization.
  7. For obtaining digital copies or duplicate slides of the visuals, a requisition is to be made. The duplication fee for the visuals varies for academic and commercial use.


How to access manuscripts
The copies of various collections available at IGNCA may be obtained as per the IGNCA rules. Scholars and researchers can also access 3,00,000 manuscripts collected from 49 libraries in India and 6 Libraries from outside India. They can also obtain copies, subject to copyright restrictions, and indeed the conditions spelt out in the MOUs signed between IGNCA and concerned manuscript Library. As a general practice one need to seek permission of concerned library to obtain a copy of the manuscripts from IGNCA collection. Copies are being made available in Digital/Microfilm/Print formats on charge basis. The consultation to all above manuscripts at IGNCA Reference Library is open to all without any charges. Online catalogue of these manuscripts will be made available soon at IGNCA website.

In addition, the Library also provides copies of the material (both in print & non-print) & viewing facilities as well as access to audio-visual resources
Rates for Kalanidhi Archival/Other Material and Services
Sl.No. Description of the Items Proposed rates (in Rs.)

(Indian/Foreign Scholars)

General/Academic Commercial
1 Photocopying charges per


Cover to cover not
permitted. Only 25% of the monographs permitted.
2 Photocopying Charges of
rare books per page
15.00 Cover to cover not
permitted. Only 25% of the monographs permitted subject to good
physical condition of the rare book.
3 Photocopying charges of
illustrations from rare books per page
40.00 Cover to cover not
permitted. Only 25% of the monographs permitted subject to good
physical condition of the rare book.
4 Computer printout of
bibliographical details of books/mss. per page
5 Internet charges per hr. 10.00 Free for Library Members


General Collection
6 Slides copy (digital copy
72 dpi)
100.00 5000.00 Minimum charges 300/-
Slides copy (Duplicate
300.00 5000.00 Copyright charges per slide
as per rule
7 B/W photograph

(Max. cabinet size)


+ Actual Cost


+ Actual Cost

Copyright charges per
photograph as per rule
8 Colour photograph copy

(max. cabinet size)


+Actual Cost


+Actual Cost

Copyright charges per
photograph as per rule
9 Audio Cassettes Copy 50.00

per min.

150.00 per min. Max. 3 min. permitted
10 Video cassettes copy (VHS) 100.00

per min.


per 30 sec.

Max. 3 min. permitted
11 CD/DVD copy 100.00 1500.00 Max. 3 minutes clippings
permitted with 3-4 cuts
12 Shooting of general
archival mat. for 30 seconds
1500.00 3000.00 Max. 90 seconds to 2
minutes shoot permitted. (Note : Generally not permitted in any
b) Rare Collection
13 Slides copy (digital copy 72 dpi) 750.00 7500.00
14 B/W photograph

(Max. cabinet size)

1000.00 7500.00
15 Colour photograph copy

(Max. cabinet size)

1000.00 7500.00
16 Audio cassettes copy 200.00 per min. 400.00 per min. Max. 3 minutes clippings
permitted with 3-4 cuts
17 Video cassettes copy (VHS) 500.00 for 30 sec. 3000.00 for 30 sec. Max. 3 minutes clippings
permitted with 3-4 cuts
18 CD/DVD copy of
films/slide/photographs per 30 Sec.
500.00 for 30 sec. 3000.00 for 30 sec. Max. 3 minutes clippings
permitted with 3-4 cuts
19 Shooting of archival mat.
for 30 seconds
Usually not permitted. Only
with special permission
20 Positive microfilm copy per
50.00 Minimum charges 100.00
21 Processing of 35 mm.
Microfilm per roll
22 Reader printer copy per
print (A-4 size)
23 Reader printer copy per
print (A-3 size)
24 Cost of microfilm spool &
Can(35 x 80 mt.) per piece
30.00 (with card board box)
25 Digital copy of Mss./books
per page
25.00 Cost of CD/other media
Note : 1. In special cases, decisions may be taken on a case to case basis.

2. All individuals, institutions and commercial agencies should acknowledge the IGNCA and concerned institutions while using the material for both academic and commercial purposes.

For further inquiry for Kalanidhi Division please contact:

Dr. Ramesh C Gaur
Director (Library & Information) & Head, Kalanidhi Division
(An Autonomous body under Ministry of Culture. Govt. of India)
Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA)
Email :
Office Phone : +91-11-23388333