Vision and Objectives For more details

With a strong focus on innovation in crafts, ABCD aims at supporting craftsmen through sustainable partnerships and market linkages.

The key focus areas of ABCD include the aspects of ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘Make in India’ for making creative manufacturing a significant and important element of the Indian economy. The Centre is dedicating concentrated efforts at promoting Indian handicraft and handloom as a sustainable source of income for artisans and a distinctive choice for consumers across the globe.

To achieve the broader vision of facilitating ‘Aatmanirbhar’ community of craftsmen, ABCD is focusing on the following objectives:

  • Driving innovation within areas of crafts such as materials, techniques, processes and product diversification, without compromising on the core essence of craft forms.
  • Linking artisans to new markets through design and business augmentation.
  • Creating a global brand for Indian handicraft and handloom, known for its exclusiveness.
  • Introducing processes and technologies that ensure higher value-realization in crafts.
  • Facilitating the cross exchange of ideas across different ministries of Government of India, public and private partnerships relevant to crafts through planned collaborations, participatory activities and events