Tagore Research Fellow / Scholars

  • List Of Tagore National Fellowship/Scholarship Awarded By Ignca For The Year 2017-18
  • Mapping Indian Textiles By Dr. Ruchira Ghosh,Tagore National Fellow
  • Towards An 0n-Line Audio-Visual Cultural Archive By (Dr) Utpal K Banerjee Tagore Research Scholar

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  • Research and Documentation of Ethnographic Collection of North East India in the Janapada Sampada Archives of the IGNCA, New Delhi) By Prof. A. K. Das Tagore Research Scholar
  • Final Report of the Tagore Scholarship on the Project Cultural Construct of the Dhola-Maru Narrative By Neeru Misra
  • Aadivasi Loksahitya Shastra  – Report by Dr. Bhagwan Das Patel
  • Banaras Ang Ki Ati Mahattvapurna Tatha Lokpriya Gayan Shaili Thumari, Chaiti Hori Par Vishleshana – Report by Dr. Prem Narayan Singh