Loka Parampara

Lok Parampara programme undertakes Research and Documentation on the contextual aspects of culture, which include:-

  • Life-styles Studies and Patterns of Livelihood
  • Cultural Dimensions of Ecology and Development
  • Cultural Dimensions of Identity
  • Resource Management and Wisdom Tradition
  • Folklore, Performance and Ritual Studies
  • Heritage of the Epics and Oral Traditions
  • Art Practices of Communities from Eco-cultural and Socio-economic Points of view
  • Confluence of Traditions and Composite Cultures of India.


It includes study of physical space or habitat of the community, i.e. mapping in terms of water, earth, rocks, soils, minerals, vegetation and sources of energy along with interaction of all these elements in the eco-system in an annual cycle. Studies have been taken up in the early years  on the Santhals of West Bengal and Orissa, Bhuiyans and Paiks of Orissa, Meiteis of Manipur, Angamis of Nagaland, Gujars of Central Himalaya, Changpas of Ladakh, Gaddis of Himachal Pradesh, Bajara-growing communities of Rajasthan, Visvakarmas and the forest dwellers of Karnataka and Mukkuvars of Tamil Nadu.

 Major Projects of the Division under this programme are:

  1. Paddy Growing Cultures
  2. Living Traditions of Ramayana and Mahabharata
  3. Intangible Cultural Heritage
  4. Jewish Cultural heritage of India
  5. Worldview of Viswakarmas
  6. Confluence of Traditions and Composite Cultures
  7. Riverine Cultures
  8. Jal Sanskriti