Conservation Division has following facilities for object conservation;

1. Microscope
The division has three stereo microscopes. One stereo microscope is with movable stand and one with polarizer. They are all supported with Leica camera and image analyzer. The laboratory has also acquired an USB microscope (Dinolite).

2. Weighing Balance
This instrument is used for weighing purposes in scientific experiments and for conservation treatment. Least count of weighing balance is 0.1mg.

3. pH Meter
This instrument is used to measure the pH of solutions and is used for conducting experiments. In cases where it is possible to take sample from the books and manuscripts sent to the lab for conservation, the pH meter is used to check the pH..

4. Humidification Chamber
Humidification chamber is used for the humidification of paper manuscripts without condensation. This is done, by introducing it inside the chamber where cold steam is generated by an ultrasonic humidifier.

5. Low Suction table
This is equipped with a heating system and a low pressure system which allow quick and uniform distribution of heat and suction over the entire working surface. This equipment is useful for lining, flattening and sometimes for stain removal from paintings on canvas and paper.

6. Magnetic stirrer
The conservation division has Magnetic stirrer with porcelain enamel Hot Plate. Max. Temp. 3400C, Display LCD with display of sped and Temp with external PT1000 probe and stand. This is useful equipment for making solutions.

7. Binding Stand
Binding stand is useful for Archival Binding.