Vraja Prakalpa

The area of Vraja has been a centre of many socio-cultural movements.  Contemporary Vraja presents a micro-model of living continuities of the past. Vraja also offers an example of how sacred geographies become mobile spaces through an intervention of pilgrims and devotees. This mobility of sacred centres forms an important area of investigation of the Kshetra Sampada programme.


The study has lead to the publication of the following research monographs-


  1. Govindadeva and its Traditions (1992)
  2. Continuing Creation of Vraja (1994)
  1. Govindadeva – A Dialogue in Stone (1992)
  2. Photographic Exhibition on Living Culture of Vraja by Robyn Beech (1997) and Braj Mahotsav Event was held in 2009 (View Video clips of Evening Performances and listen / download Audio (MP3) of Lectures)