Norms for utilization of IGNCA Premises

Rules for booking of Various Venues at IGNCA

  1. Request for allocation of venue may be addressed to Member Secretary who reserves the right to accept/reject the request for allotment.
  2. There should be a gap of 2-3 days for the venues/spaces in between two programmes for maintenance work.
  3. For collaborative programmes, IGNCA will provide the following :
    • One electrician
    • Arrangements for publicity etc.
    • Opening & closing of the venue & cleaning thereof.
    • Visitors’ Book
    • Other arrangements as per mutually agreed terms.
  4. For non-collaborative programmes, IGNCA will provide the following facilities:
    • Cleaning
    • One electrician
    • Venue maintenance person.
    • Assistance for display/Mounting of exhibits subject to payment of charges.
    • The venue will be opened and closed only in the presence of a representative of the individual/ organisation who has taken the venue for the event.

Receipt and Selection of Application for Booking:

  1. Applications for booking of the venues shall be received on the prescribed form.
  2. The application for booking of the spaces/venues must contain information about the nature of the event, contents of the exhibits, associated activities proposed to be held and name of the Chief Guest proposed to be invited for inauguration in addition to details of the individual/organisation. (Form is enclosed).
  3. Member Secretary, IGNCA, may give preference to the applications from distinguished, recognised or promising artists/individuals/institutions especially those under Ministry of Culture.
  4. Preference may also be given to those who have not exhibited their works in IGNCA earlier.
  5. Normally no artist or group of artists /individual/institutions would be allowed second time allotment during a year. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of MS IGNCA in specific cases.
  6. Decision of the Member Secretary, IGNCA shall be final and binding in regard to allotment of the galleries/ spaces etc.

Charges and Facilities:

  1. Security Deposit of 20% of the principal amount to be paid along with the application form for all venues.
  2. The following services shall be provided without any additional charge.
    • Cleaning of the spaces/venues.
    • Free parking space at the premises
  3. Services on Payment basis :
    • Services of a carpenter, and helpers to mount the exhibition on payment only.
    • The allottee will have to make their own arrangements for seating, chairs and carpets and other requirements of their programme in all open air venues. All electrical connections will be given by IGNCA Electrical Unit.
  4. Entry to the IGNCA premises will be free.
  5. All payments must be remitted by Bank Draft/Account Payee Cheque (of the recognized bank) payable to Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi on receipt of letter of allotment.
  6. Security services: A general security of IGNCA campus is available. However, the Centre shall not be responsible for the exhibition or any original material such as paintings. photographs, sculptures etc., which may be used for display. The security/manning of the exhibition will be the responsibility of the organiser. Additional security guards can be provided on payment basis.


  1. In case payment is not received by the date specified in the letter of the allotment, the allotment made shall stand cancelled and no further correspondence on the issue shall be entertained by IGNCA.
  2. In case of cancellation by the organizers, the following deductions would be made:
    • No cancellation charges before two months of the event.
    • 20% cancellation charges if cancelled within 31 to 60 days of event.
    • 30% cancellation charges if cancelled within 08 days to 30 days of event.
    • 50% cancellation charges if cancelled within 07 days of event.
  3. The Centre reserves the right to cancel any allotment by giving one month’s notice prior to the due date of start of event. In such cases the entire amount deposited by the organiser shall be refundable by IGNCA
  4. Alternative dates may be offered by IGNCA in case the allocation of the venue for the period sought is not available.
  5. Allotment cannot be claimed as a matter of right.
  6. Security Deposit: Security Deposit is refundable after completion of programme. However, amount for any damage to the space/equipment and any additional service i.e. special security/house-keeping etc. availed will be deducted from Security Deposit.


  1. The Centre reserves the right to disallow any work or printed material etc. being displayed by the artist if Member Secretary, IGNCA considers it objectionable or against the interest of IGNCA. Twenty catalogues to be given to IGNCA Library for record, free of cost.
  2. No food or beverages will be allowed inside the venues. No liquor will be served at IGNCA premises. However, area is earmarked for service of refreshment on any formal occasion.
  3. While handing over the space, the organiser must ensure that the entire space is absolutely cleared and no damage by way of nails, double sided tape, adhesive etc. are left behind. Damages, if any, in the gallery will be deducted from the security deposit.
  4. Exhibits must be removed within 24 hours from closing of the exhibition.
  5. The organiser must ensure that his Gate Pass is duly signed by the authorised officer of IGNCA and handed to the Security at the exit.
  6. IGNCA has all the rights reserved for Acceptance/Rejection of the Application
  7. Details of the programme should be enclosed in separate sheet with the application
  8. No TDS will be deducted from the user charges as IGNCA is exempted to pay income tax.
  9. Organizers would take necessary precaution on fire safety
  10. Maintain proper sanitation and hygiene during the event/program.
  11. Ensure to removal of all the garbage when the event/program is over
  12. If Electricity required from IGNCA, Organizer have to pay Rs. 25000/- per day to IGNCA as electricity
  13. Booked venue will be handed over to organiser after 10:00 pm (previous day of booking date) and vacated before 5:00 am (next day of booking date) if not vacated, the booking charges will be charged as per IGNCA norms.
  14. The organizer have to share the event schedule, all permissions(Police, Traffic, Ambulance & NDMC for food code if any) and the list of VIPs with IGNCA before one week of the event without fail.
  15. No poster having proactive/objectionable slogans and banners should be pasted displayed at and around the place of function.
  16. The organizer will install sufficient number of CCTV camera through an expert agency at and around the place of function including entry gates and parking
  17. The organizer will take care that participants shall not make provocative speeches or use language calculated to inflame the passions of the crowd or incite them to indulge in any violent act including damage to public property, assault on Servant on duty arson etc.
Contact details:

Veena Khurana, Incharge, Venue Booking
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts Janpath Building (near Western Court), Janpath, New Delhi – 110001

Contact No: 011-23446501

Venue Booking Rules & Form