Kanaka Namana

Date: 21/11/2013
Time: 4:00 pm
Venue: IGNCA, Bengaluru

Kanaka Dasa (1509-1609) was a great poet, philosopher, musician and composer. He is known for his Kirtanas and Ugabhoga compositions in the Kannada language. Like other Dasas, he often used colloquial language in his compositions. He was a follower of Dvaita philosophy.

He joined Haridasa movement and became a follower of Vyasaraya who named him Kanakadasa. His poems and kritis deal with the futility of external rituals. Similar to Purandara Daasa, Kanaka Daasa’s compositions expose social evils. His poem “Kula kula kula vendu hodedhada dhiri”, asks not to segregate oneself from other on account of caste, because every human is born in the same way