Exhibition ‘Third Eye’ : An Abstraction & Design ijn Nature

This exhibition is an extension in colour of my B/W work as published in the book, Gifts of Salitude. I know my forte is abstraction, and this has been nurtured by continuous exposure to the paintings of my favourite artists – Raja, Ram Kumar, Laxman Shrestha, Paramjit Singh and Akbar Padamshi.

On seeing my photographs, depending upon your sensitivity and imagination, you may experience, or may be remined of a nebular explosion, of the great upheavals which took place when our Earth was still young and growing, of the great cycles of Life, or of ‘Lingam’ and ‘Yoni’. But that is not my intention, and I do not want to make a statement to limit the endless possibilities of these photographs. The question a Western publisher often asks me is; What is Indian about your work? I know what he means by “Indian”. I have no answer. Telling him that my sensibility is typically Indian, my roots are in India, does not make any sense. I would rather let my work speak in the language of the individual viewer. Mine is an universal language of art, which transcends, in more ways than one, both time and space.

Ashwin Mehta





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