Aims & Objectives

  • to serve as a major resource centre for the arts, especially written, oral and visual source materials
  • to undertake research and publication programmes of reference works, glossaries, dictionaries and encyclopaedia concerning the arts and the humanities
  • to establish a tribal and folk arts division with a core collection for conducting systematic scientific studies and for live presentations.
  • to provide a forum for a creative and critical dialogue through performances, exhibitions, multi-media projections, conferences, seminars and workshops between and amongst the diverse arts, traditional and cotemporary
  • to foster dialogue between arts and current ideas in philosophy, science and technology, with a view toward bridging the gap in intellectual understanding between modern sciences and arts and culture
  • to evolve models of research programmes and arts administration more portinent to the Indian ethos
  • to elucidate the formative and dynamic factors in the complex web of interactions between diverse social strata, communities and regions
  • to promote an network with national and international institutions; and
  • to conduct related research in the arts, humanities and culture.