ANANTA SUTRA – the endless thread

An Initiative of Ministry of Culture on the Occasion of 75th Republic Day

Unbroken threads, forging new beginnings….

Rainbow colours and myriad textures with countless patterns

woven into the warp and weft

framing the boundaries of our daily world.

Miles of fabric, flowing yards of unstructured cloth,

gracefully wrapped around women as they gird up to nurture the young, the family, and the fields.

At workplaces and schools, in villages and cities, at births, weddings, and festivities, prayers and requiems;

this billowing yardage connects each to the other,

One day to the next.

Threads without end, resiliently weaving multifold stories.

The humans that drape this fabric, infinitely run the world.

Textile Installation at Republic Day, 2024 :

The saree – six yards of inspiration is Bharat’s timeless gift to the world of fashion. A classic silhouette, an elegant drape, which requires no stitching and never goes out of style. A silhouette which narrates innumerable stories of our diversity woven by the deft hands of our master craftsmen.

This Republic Day, experience a lyrical textile installation at Kartavya Path, showcasing an array of sarees and weaves from every corner of our country. A visual ambience created for the very first time with nearly 1900 sarees and drapes from all parts of this land. Mounted on a towering height with wooden frames, the sarees are displayed all along the path.

We have panned the length and breadth of Bharat to bring you the oldest living garment in its full glory, with weaves, embroideries, prints, and tie & dye techniques from across our country.

Come, celebrate the weavers and artists who have tirelessly created these exquisite drapes by pouring their passion into the warp and weft, keeping the age-old handloom tradition alive

Feast your eyes on the beautiful brocades, luxurious Kanjeevarams, artistic Jamdanis, intricate Balucharis, resplendent Himrus, elaborate Tanchois, breathtaking Patolas and geometric Ikkats, vibrant Paithanis as well as the bold and dramatic traditional weaves and drapes from the North-East, Kashmir and Himachal.

You might spot a Teliarumal from Telangana or a Sungadi from Tamil Nadu, Batik from Shantiniketan, or Sanganeri Dabbu print from Rajasthan. Don’t miss the Morangphee from Manipur, Kosa from Chhattisgarh, a Vidharbha, Peshwari, or a Nirali Kinar.

The central enclosure hosts exquisite embroideries such as Chikankari from Lucknow, Kasuti and Lambani from Karnataka, Sindhi Kadhai, Parsi Ghara, Kantha from Bengal and Soof from Gujarat. You may also notice the Soojni from Bihar and Tilla and Kashida from Kashmir.

Let’s celebrate the saree as a canvas and medium of expression – an ancient yet modern tradition which continues to be an ode to the women of Bharat.