Baroque India

Author : Jose Pereira
Foreword: Kapila Vatsyayan

2000, xix+497pp, line-drawings, b&w plates, bibl., index, ISBN: 81-7305-161-5, Rs. 2500 (HB)

Baroque India is the fruit of over forty years of research and is the work of one professionally trained in the history of Indian art (Hindu, Buddhist and Jain). In addition, he is the author of a survey of Islamic architecture worldwide, which includes, of course, the Indo-Islamic traditions. It is his belief that Indian Baroque-or, more correctly, Indian Neo­ Roman -cannot be properly appreciated without an understanding of the architectural styles that preceded it on the subcontinent, and which exercised a significant impact on it.

In so doing, the author has tried to outline a consistent aesthetic theory of Neo­ Roman, to portray its five major modes – Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassicism – as expressions of the Neo-Roman essence, immanently developing, in the indicated sequence, one from the other, and pullulating a rich variety of spatial themes that both display a marked originality and manifest a capacity for assimilating the spatial nuances of the other architectural styles.

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