Divisions of IGNCA

The IGNCA has 9 functional units –

  • Kala Nidhi – the multi-form library.
  • Kala Kosa – devoted mainly to the study and publication of fundamental texts in Indian languages.
  • Janapada Sampada – engaged in lifestyle studies.
  • Kaladarsana – the executive unit which transforms research and studies emanating from the IGNCA into visible forms through exhibitions.
  • Cultural Informatics – which applies technology tools for cultural preservation and propagation.
  • Adi Drishya Department – dedicated to the study of prehistoric rock art.
  • Conservation Lab – pecializes in the areas of preventive conservation, conservation training, conservation of books, manuscripts, paintings, and objects (metals, wooden objects, ethnographic objects, etc).
  • Sutradhara – the administrative section that acts as a spine supporting and coordinating all the activities.
  • Media Centre – Media Centre has been endeavouring to do audio/visual research documentation and archiving them for prosperity and implementing worldwide dissemination as well.