PG Diploma Courses

Ministry of Culture, Government of India set up IGNCA in the year 1987 to explore, study and disseminate Indian arts, revive the dialogue between India and her neighbours, especially in South and Southeast Asia, in the areas pertaining to the arts. Arts encompasses a wide area of studies, such as creative literature – written and oral; visual arts – architecture, sculpture, painting, graphics and general material culture; photography and films; the performing arts – music, dance and theatre; festivals with artistic dimension.

IGNCA’s Cultural Informatics Laboratory took up the task of documentation and digitization of cultural resources and developing interactive multimedia based learning resources to create the expertise in the areas of digital artifacts. IGNCA’s Conservation Laboratory is also fully equipped for the conservation work of artifacts and is having rich strength of in-house core faculty

To attract the people towards Indian art and to nurture trained manpower in the related fields, IGNCA has planned to start the following one year Post Graduate Diploma Courses :

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Cultural Informatics (PGDCI) – Seats = 25(approved by the AICTE)
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Preventive Conservation (PGDPC) — Seats = 25
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies (PGDBS) — Seats = 25
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Manuscriptology and Palaeography (PGDMP) — Seats = 25
  5. Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Library and Data Management (PGDDLDM) — Seats = 25
  6. Post Graduate Diploma in South-East (Agneya) Asian Studies (PGDSEAS) — Seats = 25
  7. Post Graduate Diploma in Cultural Management (PGDCM) — Seats = 25
  8. A three-month online certificate course on The Multifaceted Aspects of Bodhgaya and the Philosophy and Teachings of Buddhism 


The classes will be held from Monday to Thursday

05:30 PM to 08:00 PM (PGDDLDM)
Mon, Wed and Fri – 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM (PGDBS)

Lab work/Practical will be held as per schedule

For enquiries regarding Academic courses contact :
OSD Academics,

Contact details for  

PGDCI : Mr. P Jha at

PGDPC : Dr. Achal Pandya at

PGDSEAS : Dr Bachchan Kumar  at

PGDDLDM & PGDMP :   Dr. Ramesh Gaur, HoD Kalanidhi at 011-23446598,  |