‘Happenings’, collection of photographs by Ashvin Mehta, presented by the IGNCA (9th-31st March, 2000). Ashvin Mehta’s work has been widely published throughout the world. His shows has been included in the Festivals of India in Britain, Germany, Russia and Netherlands. Some of his prized collection are in the cultural archives of IGNCA.

Photography is an important tool for documentation and is also a dynamic form that enriches our lives in many ways. Over the years Ashvin Mehta has photographed many man-made objects juxtaposing them with nature’s bounty. This amalgamation has brought out spectacular results which he expresses,

“I photographed many man-made objects – a surf-board, a roof, a signpost, a water fountain – juxtaposing them with a cloud, a tree, grass or water, mountains or fall leaves. In the process, the objects have revealed their unusual form or colour or design, at times when I was least prepared to accept them. They have given me pure joy, untainted by the dualities of existence, and have liberated me from the limitations I had myself imposed on them. At times, some light was also shed on their inter-relationships and how the phenomena of the world are all inter-connected. Individuals too do not exist in isolation, although many try to assert their autonomous entities!
As this always happened in a flash on it’s own – not of my volition, I decided to call the series ‘Happenings’.”


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