As a droplet

Entrapped within a sea-rock

I wait for the wave

To surge and break

To be washed away

In the vast expanse

A new journey

I have to undertake


Time is waiting for me

Train as yet to come

I am leaving home

I am leaving for my home


You know I made mistakes

For anywhere I stayed

I mistook it as my homestead


I made friends as if we were

Always made for each other

I shared with neighbours

As if we were to be together

For ever


Take care of  your luggage

Someone whispers in my ears

They are my friends, I discover

These caring whispers

I want to disdain

For love causes loneliness

And friendship cause pain.


So I take my briefcase

More firmly in my grip

As if my definition

Only it contains


Resting on my hold-all

Lugubrious and langurous

Falling in reverie of past

I lose my conscious.


Oh! Times were roses

Fun and laughter

Thorny – bushes

I came over.


Time is a man-eater

I count my scars.

Lurking in the shadow of tomorrow

Time is a shark.


So I wish to go now alone

For love causes loneliness

Friendship causes pain.

Destiny plays card-games

To make journey happier

So what if reaching at my destination

I am a loser?


Suddenly trains whistle I hear

I can hear engine roar

Restless train is approaching me

See, time was waiting for me.




Please, play a trick with me

By fair means or foul

Tickling my hallucinatory brain

Stirring my so-called soul.


Like a mercury drop on a big plate

I quiver with my mercurial mood

It touches, it hurts, but never sticks

To my being to my core

And I keep on asking for

More, more, a little bit life more.


Before I am lost in melancholic melee

Of chatting, sleeping and writing

And of somnambulating in dead dreams.

Please, play a trick with me.


Keep away the restless bubble ballooning up,

For as always it will burst into a void

Without fomenting my unsatiated innerself,

For as always I shall be looking for the bubble

And for the scars and scratches on my interior.


Roaming around in a nebulous twilight

I am trapped between day and night

To overcome this dead destiny

Please, play a trick with me.


Poems by Mr. Ramesh Kumar Choubey.  

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