Janapada Sampada Celebrated Hariyali Tija

On the occasion of the Foundation day of Janapada Sampada, which falls on “Hariyali Tija” a brief cultural function was organised on 26th July, 1998.The function started with offering puja to nyagrodha or vat-vrks, by Ms. Krishna Dutt. Dr. N.D. Sharma explained about the importance of ‘vat-vrks’ and its significance in the daily lives of the people. He cited the examples from the Vedas and many other literatures of Indology. In the absence of Prof. B.N. Saraswati, Dr. Nita Mathur presented the annual report of Janapada SampadŒ.

The cultural programme was an interesting presentation of folksongs of Mithila by Smt. Neelam Jha and friends. These folk singers from Mithila sung beautiful, melodious and meaningful songs which are sung in Mithila on the occasion of Haryali Tija, which is known in Mithila as Madhusravani

Kailash Kumar Mishra explained the importance of folksongs in the lives of the people of Mithila. Mithila is also known as Tirhut, Tirbhukta or the land of king Janak, father of Sita. This pious land is very rich in cultural values and folksongs since ancient times. Folksongs here are principally a wealth among the people handed down from generation to generation. These meaningful and melodious folksongs are sung in various occasions which spring from the innermost emotions of the people.

Madhusravani is a great occasion for the newly married couples of Mithila. A lot of rituals are associated with it. Several folksongs are sung by the women and friends of the newly married brides. These folksongs highlight the spiritual significance, prayer to the god, vegetation, animals, creatures, etc. and also love, emotion, sentiments and culture of the people in totality. Folksongs explain the history, sentiments, meaning, philosophy and tradition of celebrating Madhusravani every year in the area. It also shows the independent status of women in Mithila. The entire ritual is performed by females. After the the songs from Mithila, a Bhojpuri song was presented by Shri Manoj Kumar.

Towards the end of the programme, Shri M.C. Joshi, felicitated the artists with token gifts. In his brief, inspiring and thought-provoking message, Shri Joshi appreciated the work undertaken by the Janapada Sampada Division. He said, “there is a need to develop a strong interpersonal relationship between the members of all the departments of IGNCA”. He further said, “like the nyagrodha tree, the IGNCA is a huge family and all its faculties are the branches and roots of this upside down tree. We need to develop a unique culture of knowledge and humanity at the centre which may in the long run act as the great source of inspiration for the other institutions and also our future generations”.

Kailash K. Mishra


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