The Library of SRC was inaugurated by the renowned Kannada Jnanapith laureate Prof. U.R. Ananthamurthy in 2012. It is located in an expansive hall with adequate reading facilities.

The Library of the SRC has nearly 13,500 books—4600 in English, 3000 in Kannada and other South Indian languages, Hindi and Sanskrit. The subjects range from music, dance, literature, biography, Indian history, art, sculpture, religion, languages, philosophy etc.

There is also a journal and newspaper section. Books donated by Prof. Srinivasa Raju and Dr.Maya Rao numbers 3560. Books in Kannada find a special place, in addition to English, Hindi, Sanskrit and the other South Indian languages. The online catalogue on the website makes these books easily accessible to everyone. The library is equipped with photocopying facilities. Book readings occur regularly at the Library.

A nominal membership fee of Rs. 100/- per month / Rs. 250/- per annum for students with renewal of Rs. 150/- per annum. Rs.500/- per annum for others with renewal of Rs. 300/- per annum / Lifetime payment of Rs. 5000/-. First 100 membership is free to drive more dedicated readership.
To know more about the library and services

Contact :
Krishnamurthy Hegde, Librarian 09731155990

The SRC has a Reprography Unit with close to 13,500 microfilms of rare manuscripts from various institutions across India like Bhandarkar Oriental Research (Pune), Saraswathi Mahal Library (Thanjavur), Oriental Research Institute (Mysore), Government Oriental Manuscript Library (Chennai), Saraswati Bhavan Library (Varanasi) etc. These span a wide range of interesting topics in art, culture and religion.