Post Graduate Diploma In Manuscriptology And Palaeography (PGDMP)

The course is for anybody interested to understand ancient languages and scripts. From lawyers who need to access ancient records to computer programmers working  in Digital Humanities, from history buffs to budding linguists, the course will  cater to different interests and aims. Course Modules will  be on interdisciplinary themes across literature, history, art history, cultural studies, theology and religious studies that will  prove to be very useful for Historiographers, Anthropologists,  Linguists and History Geeks.

Course Outline


1. Introduction to Manuscriptology ñ 50 Hours This paper will contain an Introduction to Social Cultural and Political History of India up to
1800 A.D. Besides this, a detailed introduction to different kinds of manuscripts that include information on their forms and content. Hands-On Work with the manuscripts also included.

2. Introduction to Conservation with Practicals ñ 50 Hours This paper includes preventive and curative conservation of palm leaves, paper, kadatha amongst others. 3. Palaeography Practice ñ 50 Hours This paper includes working with inscriptions of different scripts such as Brahmi, Kannada/ Telugu, Grantha /Tigalari/ Malayalam/Tamil, Kannada and Marathi Modi, Nagari/ Nandinagari, etc.


4. Introduction to Manuscriptology ñ 50 Hours The paper goes into more depth in this semester and will include modules on Style of Composition of Manuscripts, Cataloguing, Scribal Remarks, Details of Manuscript Libraries in India and abroad amongst others. Increased focus on History of South India in the second semester. 5. Paleography Practice ñ 50 Hours This paper will include an Introduction to decipherment of manuscripts, characters and features of different scripts such as Kannada, Modi and Marathi Modi, Nagari/Nandinagari, Grantha- Tigalari Manuscripts amongst others. 6. Practicals with Textual Criticism ñ 50 Hours This paper will include Hands-On work with different manuscripts and scripts along with an introduction to Textual Criticism.