Research & Publication
As a research and publication division the Southern Regional Centre (SRC) is committed to exploring fundamental concepts, combining the textual with the oral, visual with the aural and theory with practise. It endeavours to prepare a comprehensive database of primary and secondary sources. Some of the projects undertaken by SRC are as follows:


Text and Tool (Sculptors’ Camp)
A workshop based on the Kashyapa Shilpa was held from from 9th to 30th March 2008, involving distinguished sculptors icons. Six shilpies, two gurus and 12 students were selected for the project.


src003Temple Traditions and Festivals at Melukote.
Melukote is one of the four holy centres for the Sri Vaishnavas. The temple dedicated to Cheluva Narayana is interesting for its yearlong rituals. A comprehensive digitised documentation of the rituals, in a CD Rom has been prepared.


src013 Documentation of the Gommata Mahamastakabhisheka
Documentation of the rituals proceeding and the final day of the Mahamastakabhisheka of Bahubali at Sravanabelgola during Feb. 2006 were undertaken. The documentation covered the ritual procedure in exclusive details and was telecast on DD.


src010Mahabharatha Utsava
Mahabharata Utsavawas held under the aegis of Mahabharat Samshodhana Pratistanam from 13 to 21 November, 2005.


src_vanishing_folkDocumentation of Vanishing Folk Traditions (September 2005 – August 2006)
This was a collaborative programme undertaken by IGNCA SRC and Directorate of Kannada and Culture. The programme under the title ‘Evening in Samsa’, vanishing folk traditions were held on the last Tuesday of each month. Twenty four presentations were held between September 2005 and August 2006. These presentations have all been documented.


src006Creative presentation of the Sanskrit play Svapnavasavadattam
Svapnavasavadattam is a classic in six acts by the renowned Sanskrit poet, Bhasa. The richness of the Indian traditional play based on the principles of Bharata’s Natya Shastra was staged and documented on electronic media. This would serve as a module for presentation of Sanskrit plays. The play was telecast on DD 9 Channel in eight episodes during August and September, 2004. Report and photos can be viewed under EVENTS.


src006Art Experience
(Theory of Rasa-Dhwani-Aauchitya-Vakrokti as applied to all major art forms in an universal way)
This project will focus on the scientific and applicable features pertaining to rasa, dhwani, aauchitya and vakrokti. The study will address these theories and their application to contemporary practises. A seminar was held on August 24, 2004 with the following resource persons-Mahamahopadhyaya Dr.R.Satyanarayana, Padma Bhushan Dr.PadmaSubrahmanyam, Shatavadhani Dr.R.Ganesh and Dr.Choodamani Nandagopal all of whom presented papers. Prof.G.C.Tripathi, Dr.N.Ramanathan, Prof. Pappu Venugopal and Dr.S.R.Ramaswamy also participated in the seminar and Prof.S.K.Ramachandra Rao was in the Chair. The papers are being vetted with a view to bring out a publication.


src_somyaAptoryama Soma Yaga (April 10-20, 2004), Trissur
The seventh and the biggest of the seven important Soma yagas, this included the Garuda Chayana, the main fire altar which is constructed with one thousand baked clay bricks in the shape of an eagle with outstretched wings. The Yaga was conducted by the Vedic Yajna Prathistan, Mulankunnathukavu and Om Shanti Dham, Bangalore. A team of scientists from NIMHANS, ISRO, NAL, IISc and other National institutes conducted studies of the Yaga’s effect on nature, human beings, animals and plants. IGNCA SRC co-ordinated the documentation of the event. The Media Unit of IGNCA telecast episodes of the event on DD Bharati.


src008Documentation of Mural Paintings of South India.
This project focuses attention on the art historical study and state of preservation of mural painting sites found in South India. So far 20 sites have been documented. Presently a database of collated visual material is being developed.


src_adipattiAdipatti Nayanmar Ritual
This socio cultural ritual is celebrated by the fisher community at Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu. Each year the community jointly rejoices the final emancipation of Adipatti Nayanmar from worldly attachments. The highlight of the festival is the enactment each year by a fisherman chosen to represent Adipatti himself. Observed once in a year the festival was celebrated for many years but it is only in recent times that the ritual has gained considerable popularity. IGNCA SRC has documented the celebration of this festival. The report was also featured in the IGNCA newsletter ‘Vihangama’ Vol VI November-December 2003.