Sebastiana Papa’s photographs are always a coherent whole. A Picture of hers can be extremely close to the subject, but still maintains a rare balance between the quick catching of a revealing attitude and the purpose of keeping the person’s mind and soul untouched, even in the instant which disclosed an inner quality.

Women and men portrayed by Sebastiana papa are linked by a common tie that covers and protects them. Since their gestures, their appearance are the body language of a community, in the streets of Calcutta as in a monastery in Abruzzo, in a way they are never alone. It is this sense of belonging to a category, ethnic or social, religious or age related, that emerges thorough Sebastiana Papa’s photographs, leading in depth beyond the external surface of an image.

Carlo Bertelli

A Photographer’s reflection on Women – (1964-1995)

by Ms. Sebastiana Papa

2nd Nov.1995 – 21st Nov.1995

National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi

Woman is the creator of the universe,
the universe is her form;
Woman is the foundation of the world,
she is the true form of the body.
Whatever form she takes,
Whether the form of a man or a

Saktisangama Tantra


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