Conservation Lab

1. Can an institution/ individual send material to be restored at the Conservation Division of IGNCA? What is the procedure for contacting the division?
Generally, the Conservation Division at IGNCA does not entertain requests from institution/ individual for conservation, unless it helps in conservation of heritage of national importance or it helps in building resources of IGNCA or as a case study for improving material and techniques of the Division. Any outside work in the laboratory is taken only after obtaining approval from the higher authority of IGNCA.

2. Does Conservation division hold events like lectures, seminars, workshops etc? How can one participate or attend events?
Yes. The division organizes lectures, seminars and workshops. Usually events are by invitation except for Public Lectures. Information about events  is available on the website.

3. Can an institution/ individual collaborate with Conservation Division for research projects or for organizing events? What is the procedure for contacting the division?
Any institution/ individual can collaborate with the Conservation Division. However, it is only possible after obtaining necessary approvals from the higher authority of IGNCA.

4. Does the Conservation Lab partner with private organizations for lab technology needs?
Yes. Conservation Division makes partnership with private organization for the technological needs. Tender announcements are available on the website.

5. Does the Conservation Lab also do active research to find new methods of conservation? Does the division collaborate with other institutions for such research?
Yes, the Division does active research to find new methods of conservation. We take technological and analytical help from research institutes like Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML).

6. Apart from the types of material mentioned does the lab also restore old photographs, textile etc?
Yes.  We do conservation of photographs and textiles.

7. Does the division have any special programs for schools and colleges?
The Division runs internship programme for the students of National Museum Institute (NMI) and Delhi Institute of Heritage Management (DHIRM).

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