Southern Regional Centre

1. Who can use the infrastructure facilities at SRC?
The facilities at SRC are open to general public, students, scholars, art fraternities and NGOS in the field of arts and culture for purposes that align with our mission. Space availability can vary depending on our in- house activities.

2. Is there any fee for utilising the space at SRC?
Yes, a nominal deposit and maintainence charges has to be paid for utilising the seminar hall, exhibition gallery and open space.

3. Can an institution/ individual collaborate with SRC for conducting programmes?
Yes, SRC will be happy to consider requests for collaboration. We frequently collaborate with art organizations, universities, schools and colleges for conducting various research projects, seminars, live programmes, workshops, exhibitions etc.

4. Do I need a membership for utilising the library and Reprography section?
Yes, the SRC Library and Reprography usage are specialized facilities and require registration. Primarily, the membership is open for students and scholars from reputed organisations/universities and NGOs.

5. What is the membership fee for the library at SRC?
We charge a nominal membership fee of Rs.250/- for students and Rs.500/- for scholars. The Annual renewal fee is Rs.150/- for student category and Rs.300/- for other scholars.

We also provide temporary membership at Rs.100/- per month

6. What all are the documents required to submit to obtain membership?
Address proof, ID proof (University /college ID Card) or Bonafide letter from the head of the institution/department.

7. How can research scholars approach IGNCA-SRC for research/documentation and publication work?
Based on our internal mandate for research and merits of the proposed research, every year, select scholars and projects are considered for funding. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. An Academic committee scrutinises the project proposals and if found suitable the applicant is called for a short discussion.

8. How will I get information/monthly newsletters and invitations for various programmes conducted by SRC?
Please visit our website (Southern regional Centre page)

You can also stay updated with our upcoming programmes through our Facebook page and Blog.  Or send your email ID to, and we will include you in our mailing list.

Alternatively, you can visit our centre/ or our programme venue and fill up the newsletter requisition slip with your email ID. We will be glad to send our monthly newsletter and invitations to your email.

9. SRC conducts various programmes across South India every year. Does one need to pay to attend such events?
No. All the programmes are absolutely free for the public. Depending upon the space available we will be serving you on first come first serve basis.

10. Will I get a copy of IGNCA publications and Documentaries?
Yes. You can purchase IGNCA publications and documentary CDs/DVDs from our website. These are also available at our office and at the sales counters set up during our various events. Alternatively, you may please send a request with complete mailing address. On receipt of your request we will process it and ask you to remit the requisite charges. On confirmation of remittance the items will be delivered at your destination through courier service.

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