Media Centre

1. Does Media Centre collaborate with freelance filmmakers? What is the procedure for contacting the division?
IGNCA Media Centre is a complete production unit and does not collaborate with freelance filmmakers. Research films are dealt by the research divisions of IGNCA.

2. Are the subjects for documentation selected by the division? Or are proposals from filmmakers/ organizations/ production companies also accepted?
Media Centre does not accept any film proposals directly. Research proposals may be sent to research division for their perusal.

3. Can an institution/ individual collaborate with Media Centre for research projects or organizing events?
Media Centre is open to institutional collaborations on the subjects of IGNCA’s mandate

4. Does the Media Centre store archival footage of IGNCAs events, important news events, documentation etc that can be used for research?
Media Centre Audio Visual library has all the footage of documentations or event coverage done by Media Centre and is available for research access. Scholars can come to the centre with prior information to view any footage.

5. Is any material available online for download?
No. But most of the information on the material/ clips is available on IGNCA website.

6. Does Media Centre collaborate with private organizations for filming or post production?

7. Does Media Centre provide post production to other institutes/ filmmakers? Can the studio be rented?

8. Does Media Centre have any special programs or documentaries for schools and colleges?
Yes. Under the outreach programme special programs and documentary film screening are held at the centre and even in colleges, universities and schools.

9. Can a scholar access the repository of documentation in Media Centre? What is the procedure for contacting the division?
Yes. Scholars can have access to the repository with prior information. They can view the material in the listening and viewing counters of Media Centre A/V Library.

10. Can an individual/ institute screen documentaries done by Media Centre at any public event like lecture, conference, seminar, workshop, film festival etc? What kinds of permissions are needed?
Materials of IGNCA’s audio visual documentations are for outreach. Published DVDs can be screened with information to the centre and with due acknowledgements.