Voicing the Dance: Lecture Demonstration: Sondra Fraleigh

Associated with the Dept. of Dance, State University, New York at Brockport. Director of the East-West Institute for Somatic Studies, has served as the President of Congress on Research in Dance and contributed numerous articles on dance and somatics including a book on Dance and the Lived Body. A lecture demonstration on her experiments on dance was organised by the IGNCA at Triveni Kala Sangam on 13th January, 2000.

In an innovative talk, Prof. Sondra Fraleigh spoke about the phenomenology as a descriptive method for voicing the dance from multiple perspective i.e. the voice of the dancer, choreographer, audience and the critic. The presentation concerned itself with the unique matters of consciousness contributed to research through the will of the artists and the audience. This was followed with a demonstration by movement class on mindful dancing through somatics.


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