TAdding to its sereis of photographic exhibitions, IGNCA presented a collection of photographs by Ashok Dilwali entitled ‘Water, The Sustainer’, 16-29th October 1998.Ashok dilwali is an eminent photographer, he has to his credit some prestigious publications on Himalayas, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Garhwal. As a nature photographer, water inall its manifestations has intribued, charmed and challenged Ashok Dilwali for last two decades.In all his journeys in the Himalayas as well as other places, he has tried to capture Nature through his lens. The recent exhibition of his work held at IGNCA presented photographs in which water is present in some form or the other; be it tiny little drops on the delicate petals of a flower or frozen form in the shape of frost on a glass pane. Ashok Dilwali has tried to depict this wonder of nature in various forms like dewdrops, lakes, rivers, snow, waterfalls, frost, mountain springs, hailstorms, clouds, fog and mist.


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