Interactive Multimedia Projects

Several interactive multimedia projects have been initiated engaging a multi-disciplinary team of national and international scholars, computer scientists and designers. These multimedia CDs/DVDs presents the content exploration systems to intensify cultural learning and visualisation.

Multimedia CDs/DVDs published from CIL are:

  1. Devadasi Murai: Remembering Devadasis
  2. Muktesvara Temple: A Twelfth-century Temple at Caudadanapura in North Karnataka
  3. Rock Art: The Oldest Legacy of Mankind
  4. Ajanta: A UNESCO World Heritage Site from Maharashtra
  5. Two Pilgrims: The Life and Works of Elizabeth Sass & Elizabeth Brunners
  6. Man & Mask: Rupa-Pratirupa, and
  7. Tanjavur Brhadisvara Temple : A UNESCO World Heritage Monument from Tamil Nadu
  8. Gita Govinda: The Painting, the Music and the Dance

Ongoing Projects:

  1. Devanarayana: An Oral Epic of Rajasthan
  2. Agnicayana: A Vedic Ritual, and
  3. Visvarupa: A Cosmic Form of Lord Visnu
Multimedia CD-ROMs presented to Ex-President Shri K. R. Narayanan
by Mrs. Neena Ranjan, IAS, National Project Coordinator, UNDP Project