First and foremost , I am deeply indebted to the Gond and Bhil artists who had inspired me to do this work and who were always there for me . 

I deeply acknowledge the financial support given to me by IGNCA and I am deeply indebted to Janapada Sampada for accepting this project and to Cultural Informatics Lab (CIL) for the web designing. 

I am deeply indebted to Shalini Marie Reys for editing my write ups. 

I want to place on record my gratitude to Rajula Shah for making the video clips in Madhya Pradesh , to Rajula Shah and Argho Basu for editing the clips , to Mr Sunil for assisting me in making the video clips in Rajasthan , to Sanjay Maharshifor editing the clips. 

I want to specially thank IGRMS for its support in Bhopal. 

I deeply acknowledge the contributions of the Scholars : Dr Kapil Tewary of Adivasi Kala Academy in Bhopal , Sh. Basant Nirgune , Shampa Shah of IGRMS , Bhopal, Dr Mahendra Bhanaot and Sh. Bhagwan Kachwa in Rajasthan . 

I want to thank Utkarsh sound studio in Bhopal for the audio clips , to Aries Television India , and Central Colour Lab in Bhopal for scanning the paintings of the artists. 

I will be deeply indebted to IGNCA .

Indira Mukherjee