Tour Reports on Foreign Visits by IGNCA Officials

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15th – 25th July 2017 2017 International Rock Art Festival– of Helan Mountain Rock Art at Yinchuan of Ninxia Province & Post Festival Field Investigations on Jiayuguan Heishan Mountain Rock Art of Gansu province (China) by Dr. B L Malla 21st Report
6th – 10th March 2017 An IGNCA delegation constituting Dr. Sachchidanand Joshi (Member Secretary), Pratapanand Jha, (Director-Cultural Informatics) and Dr. Bachchan Kumar (Assistant Professor) visited Cambodia to explore the bilateral collaboration with the APSARA National Authority, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Report
20th -21st September, 2016 The First Silk Road International Expo held at Dunhuang, China – Tour Report by Dr. B L Malla Report
28th June, 2015 to 2nd July, 2015 16th World Sanskrit Conference 2015 Organized by International Association for Sanskrit Studies (IASS) and Silpakorn University, Bangkok – , A Report by Dr. Sushma Jatoo & Dr. Sudhir Lall
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22nd – 24th April 2015 Participation in International Conference: Tour Report by Dr. P. R. Goswami, Director (Lib & Inf.) Report