Rock Art Appreciation

Course Code: CCRAA
Division: Adi Drishya
Course HoD/ Coordinator: Dr. Ramakar Pant
Duration: 3 Months
Total Credits: 4
Mode of Classes: Offline
Eligibility: Graduation in any discipline
Fees:  Rs. 10,000

Course Objective

This course provides an introduction about multidisciplinary study of Rock Art. It aims to develop the skills and knowledge required to assess the coherence, value, and relevance of a variety of theoretical frameworks currently employed in Rock Art to the interested people. In order to achieve this, a number of issues are raised and explored that together give a good overview of the major trends of Ethno-archaeological thought and illustrate how Rock Art has developed from its antiquarian past to a modern social science.

Course Outline

Module 1

  1. Introduction of Art and Rock Art-
    • Origin and development of rock art
    • Importance of rock art as cultural heritage
    • Types of rock art and it’s techniques
    • Colour composition and superimpose.
  2. Introduction of World Rock Art
    (Continent wise): Rock Art of Africa; Europe; Asia; Australia; America (North and South)
  3. Rock Art of India:
    • Brief history of rock art studies in India
    • Rock art of Northern region; Central region; Western region; Eastern region; North-east region and Southern region
    • UNESCO world heritage site: Bhimbetka

Module 2

How to study Rock Art

  • Geological study of rock art sites
  • Archaeological Study of Rock Art
  • Ethno-archaeological Study of Rock Art
  • Socio-anthropological Study of Rock Art
  • Themes in Indian rock art and it’s interpretation
  • Dating of rock art


Conservation and management of Rock Art

  • Cause of degradation
  • Site preservation
  • Awareness campaigns


Module 3

Documentation of Indian Rock Art

  • Formation of multidisciplinary rock art research team
  • Pilot survey, survey and documentation of rock art site
  • Recording rock art objects (paintings, engravings etc.)
  • Rock art & Ethno-archaeological Inventory
  • Report preparation
  • Rock art data consolidation

Field visit (5 Days) – Compulsory