1 KING KHANDOBA- SCENES FROM THE LIFE OF AN INDIAN FOLK GOD (1984) Based on scenes from the life of an Indian Folk God, `Khandoba’.
He is secular in the true Indian sense. The film can also be seen as an attempt to portray modern Indology.
Gunther Sontheimer/ Gunther Unbescheid U-matic 36min.
2 THE JOURNEY OF THE HATKAR DHANGARS  (1986) This film tells about the Hatkar Dhangars of Maharashtra, who are mostly nomadic
shepherds and always keep on migrating to suitable climate and green pastures.
Henning Stegmullar/Marie   Jose Van De Loo U-matic  45min.
3 VARI-AN INDIAN PILGRIMAGE (1989) A pilgrim who goes to Pandharpur, atleast once a year, is called a `Varkari’ or `Vari’. Most of the pilgrims go to Pandharpur in the month of `Asadh’ (June/July) where God Pandurang awaits his followers. God Pandurang is believed to be an incarnation of Krishna. Henning Stegmullar/ GuntherD.Sontheimer Umatic 1hr.30min.
4 KING KHANDOBA’S HUNTING EXPEDITION (1992) Based on King Khandoba’s hunting expedition in the Somavati Amavasya festival, which is celebrated on a full-moon Monday night. Ritual acts take place simultaneously at different places in the area of Jejuri, blessed always with the presence of God Khandoba. Henning Stegmullar/ Gunther D.Sontheimer U-matic 1hr.21min.
5 THE HERO’S ADVENTURE Campbell and Moyers talk of the actionsequences of various heroes, featuring in stories throughout history. It is essentially one deed done by many in the cycle of departure, fulfilment and return. Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers VHS  58min.
6 THE MESSAGE OF THE MYTH Campbell compares creation myths from around the world. He challenges everyone to see the presence of a heroic journey in his or her own life. Myths call us to a deeper awareness of life including the very act of living itself. Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers VHS 58min.
7 THE FIRST- STORYTELLERS Campbell and Moyers talk about our relationship to the earliest of stories and the people who told them. It is recalled that  the ancient myths were so designed as to harmonise the mind and the body. Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers VHS 58min.
8 MASKS OF ETERNITY The images of God are many. Joseph Campbell called them the masks of eternity and said that they both cover and reveal   the face of glory. A myth is a mask of God, a metaphor for what lies behind the visible world. Joseph-Campbell with Bill Moyers VHS 58min.
9 SACRIFICE AND BLISS All the earth was a geography of sacred places. As our  ancestors turned from hunting to planting, they were told the stories to interpret the mysteries of life. Now the seed became the symbol of life, death and resurrection. The plant died, was buried and its seed born again. From death comes life, from sacrifice comes bliss. Joseph-Campbell with Bill Moyers VHS 58min.
10 LOVE AND THE GODDESS Campbell made the mythology of love and its interpretations one of the great passions of his life-from the erotic mysticism of India to the old testament, Song of Songs, from the life of Christ and the teachings of Ramakrishna, to William Blake and Thomas mann. It also recalls “the individual experience of men and women over the authority and traditions of church and state, and the image of woman as Goddess, Virgin and Mother Earth. Joseph-Campbell with Bill Moyers VHS 58min.
11 THE COSMIC DANCE OF SHIVA Shiva is also known as the Lord of dancers. While presenting His `creative esctasy, the film emphasises the unity between all the arts and the creative impulses. It also includes some life (Kuchipudi) sequences, shot at Ellora and other famous rock temples in South India. Deben  Bhattacharya VHS/  (Original film) 30min.
12 ECHOES FROM TIBET A selection of folk music and dances from Tibet. Deben Bhattacharya VHS/  (Original film) 30min.
13 SERAI KELLA CHHAU DANCE This dance-form, from the Eastern region of India viz. Serai Kella in Singhbhum (Bihar), represents an event which is celebrated in the month of `Chaitra’ (March-April). The head of the royal family, alongwith his troupe, puts on masks, representating various mythical characters. Arvind Sinha 16mm  39min.
14 KALARIPPAYAT A documentary on the age-old martial art-form of Kerala. The film is shot at actual kalaries or training arenas across Kerala. Adur Ashok Kumar U-matic 35min.
15 VALMIKI  RAMAYANA A musical ballet, based on Valmiki’s Ramayana K.S.Srinivasan U-matic 1hr.30min.
16 RAMAYANA IN INDIA AND SOUTH-EAST ASIA The popularity of Ramayana is world-wide. Here is an intro’ to the great Indian epic, as performed in India and South East Asia. K.S.Srinivasan U-matic 1hr.
17 THE RECLUSE Film on Dagar Brothers, the noted classical vocalists of India. Arvind Sinha 16mm  30min.
18 GAGANENDRA NATH TAGORE It projects the eminent painter and his art, making him reckonable for his distinctive style for a long time to come. Alok Banerji 16mm  56min.
19 PALETTE TO THE HUMAN HEART A documentary on the life and works of Krishna Hebbar, an eminent painter of India. It consists of his life sketches and drawings on `Yakshagana’ and `Nagamandala’, a ritualistic dance-form. He was also fascinated by Indian classical dance and music. Sudipta Bose 16mm  40min.
20 COLOURS OF ABSCENCE Based on the nature and quality of Jehangir Sabavala’s life and work through words, photographs and images, dissolving into each other over the canvases. Arun Khopkar U-matic 30min.
21 UDAY SHANKAR An `intro’ to the refreshing creativity and originality of Uday Shankar, one of India’s greatest dancers and choreographers. Arun Khopkar 16mm (B/W) 45min.
22 THE CHANTING LAMAS A representative collection of music, dance and rites, associated with the life of the Lamas. Deban Bhattacharya VHS/  (Original film) 30min.
23 ECSTATIC CIRCLE An attempt to introduce the Darvish music and dance, generally associated with their religious ceremonies. Its secular touch and fervour is presented here in the background of the country’s rich visual landscape. Deban Bhattacharya VHS/ (Original film) 30min.
24 EARTH AS WITNESS A DIALOGUE WITH BUDDHISM The consecration and presentation of the statue of Lord Buddha by his Holiness Dala Lama. The documentary finds the close relationship between Buddhism and the environment. Amar Kanwar produced by Tibet House New Delhi VHS  45min.
25 PAINTED BALLADS OF INDIA The ballad singers of India are inborn artistes and follow their tradition rather rigidly. With the scroll paintings (both horizontal and vertical), providing the visual embellishment, this film shows verve and variety, available in this folk-form.  It is shot on the actual locations in Rajasthan and West Bengal. Deben Bhattacharya VHS/  (Original film) (30min.)
26 BUDDHA AND THE RICE PLANTERS Tracing the arrival of Buddhism from North India to Srilanka in the third century B.C., the film presents some of the folk lores, religious rites, music and dance associated with the Sinhalese village life. Villagers are also shown transplanting and harvesting rice to the accompaniment of folk songs and dances. Deben Bhattacharya VHS/  (Original film) 30min.
27 CHILIKA – THE STORY OF A LAGOON Introduces Orissa’s longest fresh water lake. `Chilika’, by making aesthetic use of legends, history and geography. The film aims to dispel various existing misconceptions regarding the 5000 years old lagoon. But sadly, it is now on the brink of extinction due to heavy silt deposits. Prithviraj Misra 16mm 1hr.10min.
28 DUNHUANG CAVES Dating back to 366 A.D. the Dunhuang Caves are a treasure- house of Buddhist art and paintings. The Dunhuang art flourished over a long period, with stvilstic variations and developments. (This documentary was originally produced in Beijing). (Acquired from Prof.Lokesh Chandra) 35mm reel 36min.
29 TOWARDS JOY AND FREEDOM Inspired by Tagore’s basic concept of primary education, the film shows that classes are held under the banyan trees: children go to the lap of nature for direct contact with, and understanding of, various phenomenon of nature and science and then regale themselves with dance and music, arts and painting, and what not-in the campus. Shot in the precincts of Shantineketan. Ms.Haimanti Banerji 16mm  film 42min.
30 LOLAAB This film projects the life and time of Lolaab, a  picturesque village in Kashmir valley. Shot on locations, having the breath-taking scenery! Mohid-Uddin Mirza U-matic 16min.
31 India International puppetry festival

  • Rustom Soharb
  • Tolpava Koothu
  • Tolgalu Gombetta
  • Tolu – Bommalatta




61.23min 26.35min.

32 Artistic heights Chandra Manin Kohli of Globe Ganesh Ms. Chandra Mani has tried to emphasisc the importance and Contribution of our art forms towards peace and understanding in our present day world. A brief history of our painting  and sculpture in particular, is also recalled through leading artists of India like B.C.Sanyal, M.F. Hussain, Satish Gujaral and S.Chaudhary. Betacam 50min.
33 Therukoothu A compilation in two parts Episode

  1. Kottiakkaran
  2. Karna Moksham

Therukootu is the Vibrant living theatre of Tamil Nadu. The compilation presents the various styles of energehi performances that narrate the myths and legends of the Mahabharata. The first part presents performances of the role of Kattiakkaran – the shutradhar of Therukoothu. The second part brings together three different group performing sequences of Karma, Moksham.

Prod.D.Ram Narayan Betacam 60min.
34 Ramappa temple A documentary film on historical importance and architectural beauty of the temple located near Hyderabad in Warangal district, Andhra Pradesh. Krishna Rao Keshav U-matic 20min.
35 A story of integration Hirendra Kumar Gunguli or `Hirababu’, a well known tabla maestro. The film has his accompaniments with stalwarts like Pt.Ravi Shankar, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Ustad Vilayet Khan, Pt. V.G.Jog, Pt.Kishen Maharaj and Ustad Ala Rakha Khan. Gautam Haldar Betacam
36 (a) Raga

(b) Krishna in spring

(c) Waves of Joy

(d) Faces of the forest

(e) Jesus and the fisherman

Film on complex Raga system founded on simple type of folk songs and Hindu religious Chants

A recording in image and sound of `Holi’ which retells through music and dance the story of Lord Krishna.

Film on Baul festival of songs held in Bengal

Film on music & dance of the Santhal of the North East India.

Film on day to day life of catholic fishermen

VHS  28min

VHS  26min.

VHS  27min.

VHS  27min.

VHS  27min.

37 Bhupen Hazarika

Kaveri Ganga

A collection of Bhupen Hazarika’s Assamese folk songs.

Jugal bandi of two North-South Maestroes Pt. Kishen Maharaj on tabla and Umayal Puram K. Sivaraman on Mridangam.

VHS  26-30min.

VHS  34min.

38 Nityai Dhummel / Ariba Pala Nityai Dhummel performed by Ariba pala on the Janmasthami day at Imphal. The Punjyeiba Makok (leader of the drummers) is about 90 years old. In a sequence of Dhummel, the drummers, fourteen in number move in a particular pattern. Complicated vedic rituals are also performed by the Brahmins as a part of the performance. Aribam Syam Sharma VHS 54min.
39 The day of the mask dances

  1. Chau dance of Chilkigarh,   Midnapur, W.B.
  2. Masked drama of Jalpaiguri district, W.B.
  3. Masks and mask dance of Dinajpur
  4. Chau dance of Purulia
  5.  Raga mask dance.
Films of various masks forms and their usage in performance of dance and rituals D. R. Purohit VHS



VHS 56min.

VHS 30min.

40 Exterior built of mood A Documentary on the exterior artistry of Santiniketan. Amiya Chattpadhyaya Betacam 25min.
41 Shingar This film shows the Dussehra of Allahabad famous for special type of makeup and ornamentation used for performance of the   Ramayana. Sushil Kumar Gautam Betacam 43min.
42 A Story of a Musician Documentary shows the musical features of Agra Gharana and the major representative of this life, the late Ustad Yunus Husain Khan. Anuradhiti Newman VHS
43 A Piano Story Traces the history of the instrument and its various forms and usages Arunabh Bhattacherjee U-matic  25min.
44 The Bending of the Bow Featuring stage performance of Draupadi’s marriage sequence in Terukkuttu style. Dr. Hanne M. De Bruin Betacam
45 Anukampan A documentary on Kathak dance tradition in Raigarh estate of Chattisgarh (Madhya Pradesh) during the period of 1924 – 1947. Balaka Ghosh Betacam 62min.
46 The Hermitage Masterpieces The art World A series of 18 films on art and architecture of great artists of the west VHS  (18 Episodes)
47 Purva-Uttara-Post forward (a series of eight films) A series of films covering eight important sites and monuments of India, examined in a innovative manner (Konark, Goa, Sanchi, Taj Mahal, Delhi, Mewar, Mamallapurum and Vijaynagar) Shyam Benegal and Zafar Hai VHS 23min
48 Sanchari Based on the artistic life of Leela Samson, the reknowned Bharatnatyam dancer. Arun Khophar 16mm reel film 33min.
49 Muraqga Nafees Krishen Khanna explores the Mughal miniature; skills in portraiture. Rajiv Lal Betacam  27min.
50 Maihar Raag A documentary features on the legacy of Baba Allaudin Khan at Ajmer. Sunil Shanbag U-matic 65 min.
51 The Voice of Zarathusttra Rentaturis of the poetry of Zarathusthra, the Iranian poet and Philosopher. Homi Sethna VHS 40min
52 Documentary on the Coorgis Documentation on the life style of the Coorgis, with special reference to their marriage ceremony. The Kodava Samaj U-matic 1 hr