Intangible Cultural Heritage

ICH Inventory  The division initiated inventrisation of intangible cultural heritage of our country and some of them are available on the website.

Ramman: Religious and Ritual Theatre of Garhwal – Ramman is a religious ritual theater, observed in the twin villages of Saloor Dungra Village in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. The tradition of Ramman was at the verge of extinction and also little known outside its immediate locals, when IGNCA made its first intervention to document and safeguard it. The main aim of the IGNCA initiative is to safeguard the tradition from complete extinction, to revitalize it and keep it alive for future generation and also to register it on the cognitive and cultural map of the country.

Outcome –

  • Temple and Performing spaces completely renovated & re-erected.
  • Community Resource Centre has been established. The Centre is fully equipped with digital cameras and computers.
  • Under Guru-Shishya Parampara scheme several young jagaris, drummers & dancers have been trained.
  • Skill enhancement workshops have yielded new sets of costumes, masks, musical instruments etc.
  • Documentation & audio CDs made of the entire Ramman Jagar text has been made.
  • Awareness campaign – the community has brought out at regular intervals banners, leaflets and brochures.
  • Capacity building workshop on audio visual documentation, digitization, scanning, computer training and photography workshops have been conducted.

Academic Research – work is being carried out in Garhwal University on Ramman and Diploma degrees have been granted for research in Ramman. Arts and aesthetics development of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, has granted an M. Phil and now a Ph.D. is underway