Riverine Cultures

River Sarasvati – A Comprehensive Study of the River Sarasvati on Archaeological, Literary, Geo-morphological and Tourism Development is underway in the Division.

This project carries out a multi-disciplinary investigation of the entire river system consisting of the river Ghaggar, Sarasvati, Drisadvati, Markanda, Patialewali Choi and other streams for having a holistic understanding of the entire river system. This study proposes to understand the importance of the river Sarasvati in the evolution of human cultures, through a multi-disciplinary study.

Conduct seminars and workshops to discuss the results emanating from the investigations and also to invite national and international scholars for exchange of ideas and views

The field survey of river Sarasvati under ‘Aadiantmadhyarupaya’ project will be carried out by a Group of Experts to re-visit Balrama’s pilgrimage (Mahabharata period) track on Sarasvati for multidimensional study of the river including art, culture and civilization study documentation.

  • Indo-Sarasvati Heritage Gallery at the IGNCA will be established. The material/ objects are being collected from various agencies and Government bodies.

Festival Celebrating Rivers in different cities – A Study on Rivers in Contemporary Context of India namely Ganga, Yamuna, Vyas, Kaveri, Godavari and Krishna. Workshops will be held along the banks of these rivers involving environmentalists, cultural historians, anthropologists, folklorists etc. to develop a major study on riverine cultures.

Ethnographic Films

(a) Film on River Narmada is under preparation
(b) Film on River Kaveri is under preparation
(c) Film on River Brahmputra has been completed.