List of Museums in India (Bamboo and Cane Crafts)

1. Nagaland State Museum, Kohima.

Established in the year 1964 and is under the Department of Art and Culture, the State Museum is purely ethnographic in nature. There are 4 galleries in the State Museum and one of them is the Anthropological Gallery. Basketries are a part of the specimens displayed here.

2. Anthropological Museum, Department of Anthropology, Guwahati.

The present Anthropology Museum started in the Department of Anthropology and on view are:
Fishing baskets and basketry (made of cane and bamboo), bamboo crafts, comb (made of bamboo), flint box, smoking pipe, headgear, agricultural implements, hunting implements and musical instruments.

3. Museums of Arunachal Pradesh:

Established in 1956 are ethnographic museums. In the ethnographic museums, there are altogether little over 7000 specimens, which includes basketry (bamboo and cane crafts) too.
Following is the list of the district museums:

1. Bomdila District Museum ( Bomdila)
2. Ziro District Museum (Ziro)
3. Along District Museum (Along)
4. Pasighat District Museum (Pasighat)
5. Tezu District Museum (Tezu)
6. Khonsa District Museum (Khonsa)

4. Mizoram State Museum, Aizawl.

Established at Aizawl in 1977, has a total collection of about 2500 almost. The collection consists of tribal utensils, musical instruments, weapons (made of bamboo and cane) to name some.

5. Purvabhararti Museum, Assam.

Situated in the district of Nalbari, Assam founded by the Nalbari Sahitya Samaj in 1972 under the title “Sanskritic Sangrahalaya”. It contains about 2000 displayable articles and one of the principal sections is Bamboo and Cane Products.

6. Commercial Museum, Guwahati University.

It is the first museum of its kind set up in an educational complex in the country in 1956. One of the group of the exhibits of the museum is Handicrafts & Cottage Industries which showcases products of bamboo and cane.

7. Cottage Industries Museum, Assam.

Established in Assam in 1955, articles from Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland can be found too. The Museum has two main sections: Textiles& Handicrafts. In the Handicrafts group, specimens of cane and bamboo works too are included.

8. Mutua Museum, Imphal.

Traditional Manipuri crafts (including bamboo and cane) are displayed in this museum. 

9. Assam State Museum, Guwahati.

Assam State Museum is a rich repository of antiquities that highlight the diversity of the state’s cultural tradition. On view are a large number of stone sculptures, metal, wood and terracotta objects, textiles, coins, manuscripts and tribal art and crafts.

10. National Museum, New Delhi.

The Anthropological Gallery of the National Museum, New Delhi has a significant collection on the crafts of the North East.

11. Crafts Museum, New Delhi.

Within the museum itself are examples of traditional Indian crafts, (which includes the north eastern region of India too), wooden carvings and images and metalware. Craftsmen at work are some of the elements that add to the rural ambience of the place.

12. Manipur State Museum, Imphal.

Established in 1969, the Manipur State Museum exhibits objects pertaining to the art, craft and archaeology of the region.

13. Tribal Research Institute, Shillong.

The displayed objects include the colourful textiles, wooden and bone images, totems and masks, weapons and utilitarian implements, baskets of cane and bamboo and jewellery.