List of Museums in India (Pottery)

  1. Nagaland State Museum-Established in1964, situated on a beautiful hillock named Bayavu. It is a multi-purpose museum, but the early curators assembled specimen with special a emphasis on anthropological values.Wood-carving , Earthenwares ,Blacksmithy forms the part of the collection.

  2. Anthropological Museum-Department of Anthropology,Guwahati University.Professor M.C Goswami was the founder. Collection comprises of woodcraft, smoking-pipes, musical-instruments agricultural implements,sword,dao, etc.

  3. Museums of Arunachal Pradesh-The specimen include pottery,wood-carving,agricultural tools and implements. 

  4. Following are the names of various ethnographic museums.

    Bomdila District Museum-Bomdila
    Ziro District Museum-Ziro
    Along District Museum-Along
    Pasighat District Museum-Pasighat
    Tezu District Museum-Tezu
    Khonsa District Museum-Khonsa

  5. Mizoram State Museum-has a grand collection of weapons,musical instruments ,woodcraft,utensils ,etc.

  6. The Purvabharti Museum-situated in the district of Nalabari,Assam

  7. Nalbari Sahitya Museum founded the museum in 1972 under the title Sanskritik Sangrahalaya.The principal section consists of masks, musical insruments, weapons, etc.

  8. Commercial Museum, Guwahati University-First museum of its kind set up in educational complex in 1956. Cottage industry products, bell-metal, handloom, woodcrafts and other art and cultural specimen are part of the museum collection.

  9. Cottage Industry Museum-was established in1955 at Guwahati to preserve and display article belonging to ancient and modern period ofAssam. In the handicraft section, specimens of wood-carving,clay works, ivory work have been included.

  10. Manipur State Museum– is the largest and oldest in the state. It consists of ethnological , archaeological, natural history, art and crafts objects.

  11. Peoples Museum Kakching Manipur– has multipurpose character composed of objects of archaeological, ethnological values.

  12. Manipur University Museum, Kanchipur, Imphal-presents objects of cultural anthropological value viz earthernware potteries of Andro Nungbi

  13. Meghalaya State Museum-is an ethnographic museum. It represents its tribal population the Khasis, the Jaintias, the Garos. It includes handicrafts, arts, industries,objects of ritual, domestic articles etc.

  14. Assam State Museum-houses art and crafts section which has woodwork, terracottas, toys etc.

  15. Museum of Anthropology Department, Dibrugarh University-The exhibits on display include agricultural,hunting implements,musical instruments etc.

  16. National Handicrafts and Handloom Museum,Pragati Maidan ,Bhairon Road, New Delhi-specimen comprising of woodcarving, potteries, masks etc.

  17. Tribal Museum,Thakkar Bapa Smarak Sadan, Dr Ambedkar Road,New-Delhi-Costumes and handicrafts of tribal,agricultural implements, musical instruments etc.

  18. National Museum, Janpath, New-Delhi- showcases art, archaeological and anthropological collection.