Kaladarsana – Division for Exhibition and Presentation

Kaladarsana Division is mandated to manifest the activities of IGNCA in the form of exhibitions, performances, concerts, workshops and lectures. It supports all the Divisions of IGNCA in executing their programmes. Bal Jagat, the Children’s programme of IGNCA is under Kaladarsana. The main focus of this programme is to share the cultural heritage of our nation with school children, focusing mainly on government schools and those from underprivileged sections.

Kaladarsana, as the Division of outreach of IGNCA activities works for the publicity and promotion of events at the IGNCA.

Kaladarsana releases two programme schedule a month by mail, on the 1st and 16th, not merely listing the events, but also giving details about each of them. Anyone wishing to subscribe to this service may please click here

Kaladarsana is also the medium of interaction of IGNCA on Facebook and Twitter. Short clippings of the programmes of IGNCA are uploaded on Youtube by Kaladarsana.