Brahmavadinis – The First-Women Gurukul in India

Duration: 26 min

The film traces Gada Mataji, the first female disciple of Upāsanī Bābā Mahārāj, who established Kanyākumārī Sthān at Sakori in Maharashtra. Keeping the Vedic ritual practices in view in which a couple always perform rituals together, Upāsanī has taught that the power of dharma lies in both male and female aspects of creation. The film documents the history of the first women gurukula established in the last century that created history by defying orthodox practices of male domination in the priesthood. The gurukula offers training and residence to women who are initiated to Vedic learning and become Brahmavādinīs as ‘Strī Śakti’ is the power house for Indian religious belief system.

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