Celestial Coronation Mahamastakabhisekam of Bahubali Karkala (Part I & II)

Director : R.Bharathadri
Duration : Episode I : 22 minutes 34 seconds
Episode II: 24 minutes 36 seconds
Produced by IGNCA

The film revolves around the most revered Mahāmastākabhiṣekam of Bāhubali – Karkala that takes place every 12 years. It begins by establishing the Jaina Heritage site or Basadī of Karkala. Then it documents the 10 day ritualistic bathing of Bāhubali who towers 42 feet tall to signal his momentous presence. Khīr Abhiṣeka, the homa, procession and taking out of Utsava Mūrti punctuate the film. It shows how Kalashas are tied with sacred thread for Kalasha puja, and how, on the 10th day, 1008 Kalashas, and 350 tender coconut water filled Kalaśas, are poured on the head of Bāhubali, for bathing him, in different colours. It shows sugarcane juice, 350 ltrs of milk being poured and 75 kgs of rice powder, sandal, turmeric being sprinkled. This document on celestial bathing provides a window in to the socio-theological depths of Jaina philosophy.

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