Daksina Kannada Land of the Mother Goddess (Part I to IV)

Director : S.S.Rajesh
Duration : Episode I to IV 1 hr 54 mins
Produced by IGNCA

The film explores the rich tradition of Mother Goddess worship, transcending all communities and castes in South Karnataka. It traces the mythological manifestations of the female divinity and delves deep into the Purāṇas to understand the concept of creation, procreation and destruction, epitomized by her. In the second part of the film, different manifestions of the Mother Goddess principle are showcased, namely Mariammā Mahākālī, Śrīdevī Mahā-Ambā etc. It explores the Maṅgalā Devī Temple, the Navaratra, the Kadari temple of Mangalorian heritage, worship of Mother Goddess by fishermen, and the Bhopa or devotee getting into trance. The film is punctuated with mythological story lines and elaborate allusions to rituals and agrarian belief systems. It covers Ambudeśvara, Mahāliṅgeśvara, Ādilakṣmī and Durgāparmeśvarī temples of Dakṣiṇa Kannaḍa.

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