Divine celebration on the Ghats of Varanasi

Director: Suraj Raina
Duration: 53 min, 57 sec

Varanasi – the holy city situated on the banks of most sacred river Gaṅgā – is the city of knowledge, the city of Lord Śiva, the city that celebrates both life as well as death. The documentary has the spectacular scenes of the manifestation of faith on the ghāṭs of the river that has never changed its course and is worshipped as a Goddess.

Here, women celebrate the marriage of Śāligrāma -black stone -with Tulasī, a herb. Śāligrāma represents God Viṣṇu and Tulasī, the holy herb, stands for Vṛndā, the great devotee who had achieved spiritual strength because of her piety and meditation.

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