Ganga A journey from Mukhba to Gangotri

Director: B.S. Rawat
46 min, 4 sec

The film pans the snow-capped mountains of Himalaya to zoom in and capture the glimpses of Gaumukha Glaciers, from where Gaṅgā emerges to create riverine civilization along her traverse of 2,500 km. It explores the Gaṅgā icon in her two abodes, in Gaṅgotrī during summer, and 25 km downhill, at Mukhba or Mukhīmaṭha, where she travels down after Dīpāvalī.

The film captures the journey of Gaṅgā icon in her palanquin from Mukhba on the penultimate day before the Gaṅgotrī Temple opens on auspicious day of akṣayatṛtīyā. It records the pada-yātrā Joumey on foot) of Gaṅgājī; explores the oral tradition of Semwals, the priests of Gaṅgā Devi; highlights the relation of nature with the Prasāda benediction of Gaṅgotrī; covers the ritual of opening of the Kapāṭa (door) of Gaṅgā Temple at Gangotri. Gaṅgā icon returns to Mukhba in the same manner after Dīpāvalī day every year.

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