Great Master Series – Nada Nagar un Ujaro

Director: Shyam Sharma
Duration: 1 hr, 13 min

This is a biographical documentary on Padma Shri Asgari Begum documented during her last days. A unique blend of nostalgic talks of Asgari Begum tracing her childhood to the present and also with the elements of rare drupad gāyakī personify her versatility in rāgas, tālas and her belonging to Gwalior or ‘Gwar Gharānā’. Asgari was trained by Ustad Zahoor Khan right from her age of seven or eight. She was one of the few drupad singers of her time and depicted very different style which finally gave her space in the world scenario of classical music. The documentary explores various lesser known aspects of her life depicting the excellence of her creative singing much beyond the boundaries of any single gharānā.

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