Great Master Series – Reflection – B. C. Sanyal and Ms. Elizabeth Brunner (two films in one DVD)

Director: ]ai Chandiram
Duration: 53 min, 47 sec

B.C. Sanyal was not only a painter, but a sculptor too. It was the famous painter Jamini Roy, who patronized him. Sanyal, a multi-faceted personality, believed that a creation of art should be the crystallization of experience, gained at different levels­ emotional and aesthetic. He abhored the idea of giving title to a painting as he believed that a painting should be self­explanatory. He was interested in music also. He played flute and would make it from bamboo himself.

Elizabeth Brunner the artist in search of tranquillity -never gave up her quest for something beyond ordinary experience. Born in Budapest she moved to India, along with her mother. She was fascinated by the diversity of India. She caught the panorama of Indian scene on her canvas. Interested in portrait painting she was keen to paint a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, who had lightly asked her if she wanted to paint her ‘soul’. Her portrait of Mahatma does have a halo around it.

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