Kathakali – the art form of Kerala Part – I

Director: N. Rndhakrishnan
Duration: 1 hr, 18 min
Guidance: KK Chakaravarty
(Episodes: 1-3)

Kathakaḷi, is traced in seven episodes in this documentary. Kathak is story and kali is play. Through the make-up (rather than mask) the facial expressions are enhanced instead of being covered or concealed. The film traces the masters of the tradition of yesteryears. It shows a disciple offering dakṣiṇā to get initiated into guru-śiṣya paramparā during the rainy season. The dynamic exercises involving breath control and Ayurvedic oil massages are for stimulating the body, other exercises to co­ ordinate eye, hand and body movements. It moves through the five salutations – namaskāra pañcakam, the exercises which enhance flexibility and stamina and are harnessed to the dance sequence Kala Matam – the basic repertoire of postures of Kathakaḷi.

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