Manipur The Jewel of the East

Director: Sujit Chakraborty
Duration: 1 hr, 33 sec

Manipur the beautiful land is inhabited by the Meiteis community who are in majority. Tongkul Nagas and over nineteen small tribes also are part of the population who have a rich heritage, history and culture. This documentary covers their culture, rituals, festivals and much more. The state’s history is rich so is the culture equally vibrant. Many people prefer church marriages, “Dhol-Cholom”, Rāsalīlā is a real treat to the eyes. People enjoy their life through various games.

A land of rich handicrafts, art of making pottery, special dolls, and handlooms needs a special mention. Although Imphal has become much more advanced, the small villages and towns still maintain the traditional values and the ways of life.

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