Nagamandala The Naga Worship

Director: Shiv Prasad Duration:
43 min, 12 sec

Nāga or snake worship is a hoary Indian tradition. This worship is done to ward-off nāgadoṣa and to ensure fertility and prosperity. For thousands of years devotees have been coming to the land of Paraśurāma on the bank of Kumarādhārā River, pilgrimage to the sacred Kukke Śrī Subramaṇia Kṣetra. In Nāgamaṇḍala, sixty­ four types of Nāga ancestors are appeased with paṇḍā, placed on a raṅgolī, squared upon a yantra, to ward off evil. The snake coiled in polychromatic raṅgolī, day-long homas and night-long dance of male and female nāgas depict fertility and prosperity.

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