Oral Tradition of Vedas

Director : R.Bharathadri
Duration : 2 hrs 33 minutes 

Produced by IGNCA and supported by Ministry of Culture, Government of India for INDIA presentation to UNESCO

The chanting tradition of Vedas was transmitted through the guru-śiṣya paramparā as Śruti (heard) and Smṛti (remembered) tradition. IGNCA made this film for the Ministry of Culture, Government of India for presentation to the Unesco. Subsequently, the Unesco has declared Vedic chanting as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage on Humanity.The film documents the Jaiminīya and the Rāṇāyanīya Śākhās of the Sāmaveda and the Śaunaka and the Paippalada Śākhās of the Atharvaveda, followed in Trichur of Kerala ‘Gokarṇa and Honnavar of Karnataka, Trichy of Tamil Nadu, Sholapur of Maharashtra, and Purl and Balasore of Orissa. The film unveils the unique recitative methodology of memorizing the vast Vedic corpus, adopted by ancient seers to ensure its transmission without distortion. The roving camera takes one through various gurukulas in peninsular India, where the tradition survives in isolation.

Copyright IGNCA

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