Sat sur (Part I, II & III)

Director :Sanjay Khanna
Duration : Episode I : 31 minutes 15 seconds 
Episode II: 32 minutes
Episode III: 30 minutes 2 seconds
Produced by IGNCA

The film explores the great acoustic and mythological heritage of nāda through the diverse uses of rāga and tāla in gharānā traditions, including the oldest Gwalior and the Qawwāl Bachha Gharānā. It investigates the orality of the Gharanas and the broad punctuations of their renderings. It traces the Khayāl from the stand point of Amīr Khusro who, in the 13th- 14th Century, combined Persian airs with Indian Rāgas. It incorporates sound bytes to explain Gharānā perspectives and elaborate Khayāl renderings of great musical maestros. It offers a glimpse of the diverse accents of the schools of India music on sharpness or ruggedness, or sweetness and tonal graces, on laya or swara.

Copyright IGNCA

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